Best albums of the whole year

These albums are the best albums of the whole year out of all the albums that there are and so you should listen to these albums and shun all other albums which are SHIT!

little xs for eyes – Everywhere Else

The hottest Digipak of the year! When I listen to Everywhere Else I … cannot … stop … dancing!

On Love Gets Lost there’s a xylophone made of broken flowerpots! Get the whole thing here:

Skelocrats – Bella Bella

Yeah! Another set of sweet jams from the Skelocratic Republic of Ireland’s greatest supergroup! I think Bronwyn’s songs are the best ones! BCE, Lyin’ Eyes and Tennis Abberation are class class class! Big fan of their use of the word ‘vagaries’.

Murli – Surface Tension

Murli is a deadly rapper from Munster’s sweet rap scene [see also: Naive Ted, Young Phantom] who is part of Rusangano Family. His lyrics are real thoughtful and great and the production is awesome, particularly the Naive Ted ones. I’ve listened to Champagne & Chinchillas a LOT of times this year.

Cal Folger Day – Adornament

I’m really in to this right now. I think Bristol Fallz is super beautiful. I went to see her last week and instead of playing any of these songs she did an operetta from the 1910’s. She’s good craic.

No Monster Club – Peppers are Weird

Great great great work! I’ve Retired, song of the year? According to Simon and Alison!

Also this Myles Manley song: