The Captain | Episode 3: Whale Adventure!

While trying to set up a whalesong relay device (so a lonely and endangered fin whale can find a mate,) the Scholar comes across a mysterious ghost ship about to be blown out of the water by an American carrier fleet. Guest Starring Jim Elliott, Colin Chadwick, Ruth Hunter and Rachel Ní Chuinn. — About … Continued

The Captain | Episode 2: Raise the Lucitania!

After accidentally wrecking a high-tech unmanned submarine, our heroes decide to take the world’s very first submarine, the Fenian Ram, out of mothballs in a bid to finally solve the mystery of the sinking of the Lusitania. This does not go down well with the Royal Navy. Guest starring Stephen Colfer, Teresa Coyne and Simon … Continued

The Captain | Episode 1: The Incident at Rockall!

The Scholar discovers that Rockall, that disputed gasfield-rich rock in the North Atlantic, is hollow and contains a secret undersea colony of Irish people exiled in the 60s by popular supervillain Eamon de Valera. Guest starring Tara Flynn, Donnacha O’Brien, Giles Brody and Rachel Ní Chuinn. You can listen on iTunes* or here on … Continued

The Captain | Episode 0: Out this Sunday!

All three episodes of The Captain are out this Sunday at 6pm! You can listen on iTunes* or here on or on your android podcast app! Just search ‘The Captain’ or ‘O’Toole Captain’ if that isn’t working. If it’s not in app’s database yet you can add the RSS manually by inputting *If … Continued