The Garage

Back during prohibition times, when we were teenagers, I used to run a small speakeasy from my garage. I didn’t drink, as I didn’t want to upset God, but I facilitated all my buddies, like Jesus would’ve done. The garage had guitar amps and deck chairs and a desktop PC we used to very gradually … Continued


I’d like to teach you a little bit about colours. I’m not a teacher, but I did play one in a short lived RTE webseries, so I’m pretty sure I know how to do it. Colour is a property of light that we humans like the most. It’s the one that makes the setting sun … Continued

The Jack Special, The Stephen Pounder & the Conor Burger

I went in to visit Tony today, the man who sells onion rings and chips. I thought me and Tony’s relationship was strained somewhat as I once tried to record a documentary about the Jack Special, a chicken-bacon-taco-garlic-cheese-chips dish he invented in an attempt to get a boy named Jack to ‘make nice boy’ in … Continued